Episode 13: Courtly Love and Courtly Life

The Court of Philip the Good was known as one of the foremost centers of art patronage in the late middle ages. But Philip the Good did not start from scratch. The Burgundian Court of Dukes Philip the Bold and John the Fearless were centers of art and culture and set the stage for theContinue reading “Episode 13: Courtly Love and Courtly Life”

Episode 12: Tour de Bourgogne

Now that Philip the Bold is firmly in control of the Counties that he inherited from his father-in-law let’s take a look at these lands. In this episode we’ll  explore the Two Burgundies (The Duchy and County of Burgundy), The County of Nevers, the Champagne Lands, and Philip’s ‘Lands Down There’ (Flanders and Artois) andContinue reading “Episode 12: Tour de Bourgogne”

Episode 11: Foundations of a State

In 1386 Philip the Bold Duke of Burgundy, Count of Flanders, Count of Artois, Count of Burgundy, Count of Nevers, and Count of Rethel began the process of reorganizing the administration of his territories and building a Burgundian State. In this episode we will dive into the Burgundian State such that it existed under Philip. Continue reading “Episode 11: Foundations of a State”

Episode 10: I Cannot Wait

In 1384, Philip the Bold inherited five counties from his father-in-law and became the most powerful man in France. His titles and his control of the regency of King Charles VI meant that Philip now had more wealth and influence at his disposal than ever before, and he would wield them both to further improveContinue reading “Episode 10: I Cannot Wait”

Supplemental Episode 1: Family Feud

In the late 13th and early 14th centuries, two rival houses dominated the Low Countries. The House of Dampierre ruled Flanders while the House of Avesnes ruled Hainaut and later Holland and Zeeland as well. Unfortunately for all involved these two houses were fierce rivals and entangled in a blood feud. Let’s go back toContinue reading “Supplemental Episode 1: Family Feud”

Episode 8: Advancing French and Angry Flemings

The 1370s were a time of recovery for France. The sons of John the Good set to work rebuilding their country and driving out the English. Philip the Bold found himself tasked with retaking a number of castles and harassing English raids. But Philip did not spent those years solely as a soldier. These yearsContinue reading “Episode 8: Advancing French and Angry Flemings”

Episode 7: The Burgundian Bachelor

Philip the Bold has finally been installed as Duke of Burgundy, but what’s next? This episode we’re going to catch up with Flanders and see how Philip spent the first few years of his reign. The 1360s saw Philip active both in the French Royal Court and in Burgundy. The past decade had been roughContinue reading “Episode 7: The Burgundian Bachelor”

Episode 6: Two Philips, Two Charles, and Many Jacques

1356 was a year of disaster for the French Crown. The Battle of Poitiers saw King John captured and taken to England, the French army significantly weakened, and central authority collapse. Back in France, John’s oldest son the Dauphin Charles was struggling to hold it all together. English raids, peasant revolt, and Norman rebellion allContinue reading “Episode 6: Two Philips, Two Charles, and Many Jacques”