Episode 3: The House of Burgundy

Before there were Valois, there were Capetians, both in France and in Burgundy. The Capetian House of Burgundy ruled the Duchy for over three centuries and transformed it from a collection of territories to a single political unit. These dukes set the stage for their Valois successors to rise to great heights.

Time Period Covered: 1016-1350

Notable People: Hugh Capet, King Robert II, Duke Odo IV

Notable Developments: Monastic Reform (Cluny and Cistercian Orders), Peace of God Movement, Ducal Bailiffs, The Hundred Years War


Burgundy: The Splendid Duchy by Percy Allen

The Burgundians by Bart Van Loo

The Golden Age of Burgundy by Joseph Calmette

Medieval Europe by Chris Wickham

Lotharingia by Simon Winder


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