Episode 10: I Cannot Wait

John the Fearless, Count of Nevers and future Duke of Burgundy, and Margaret of Bavaria were wed alongside their siblings Margaret of Burgundy and William of Bavaria, future Count of Hainault-Holland-Zeeland, in Cambrai in 1385. The double wedding between the children of Philip the Bold and Albert of Bavaria was an important step towards the path of Burgundian domination of the Low Countries.

In 1384, Philip the Bold inherited five counties from his father-in-law and became the most powerful man in France. His titles and his control of the regency of King Charles VI meant that Philip now had more wealth and influence at his disposal than ever before, and he would wield them both to further improve his position. The rise of Valois Burgundy had now truly begun.

Time Period Covered: 1384 – 1388

Notable People: Philip the Bold, Joan Duchess of Brabant, Albert Count of Hainault-Holland-Zeeland, William Duke of Guelders, King Charles VI, John Duke of Berry, Louis of Male

Notable Events/Developments: Double Wedding at Cambrai (1385), End of the Ghent War, 1386 Invasion of England (Aborted), 1388 Campaign to Guelders, War of Brabantian Succession (1356-7)


The Hundred Years War: Divided Houses by Jonathan Sumption

Philip the Bold by Richard Vaughan

The Promised Lands by Wim Blockmans and Walter Prevenier

The City, the Duke, and their Banker by Bart Lambert

Chronicles by Jean Froissart

The Golden Age of Burgundy by Joseph Calmette

The Burgundians by Bart Van Loo

Medieval Flanders by David Nicholas

A History of the Low Countries by Paul Arbalaster


3 thoughts on “Episode 10: I Cannot Wait

  1. Another fine episode.

    Several questions/observations
    1) Do you think you’ll ever do a supplemental episode on joyous entries in the future, they seem quite an important part of urban culture in that region and I imagine there’s a lot to discuss given how spicey some of them got coughfrançoisducdeanjoucough

    2) You touch in passing on the hook and cod conflict in Holland. Will you devote an episode (or series of episodes tbh) to exploring this in future?


    1. Thanks! For 1, I’m considering doing more on Joyous Entries, but if I do have an episode on them it’ll probably be when I’m covering Philip the Good or Charles the Bold as their reigns saw something of a normalization of the practice in the Low Countries.

      As for 2, I definitely will be covering the Hook and Cod wars more. There will probably be a supplemental episode on the first Hook and Cod conflict and as Holland becomes more connected with the story of Burgundy I’ll be touching on them more. I’m planning on covering the phase of the wars during the conflict between Jacqueline of Bavaria, John of Bavaria, and Philip the Good in some detail as they are very connected to the eventual Burgundian success in Holland. As for the final phase of the wars, I still haven’t decided how long past the death of Charles the Bold I plan on taking the podcast, so that’s pretty up in the air.


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