Episode 19: To the Brink

In 1399 John of Gaunt died and King Richard II withheld the Duchy of Lancaster from his son Henry Bolingbrook. Henry was currently in exile in France and decided to launch an invasion of England to reclaim his inheritance. But as Henry marched through England and his support grew, he decided that he wanted the Crown more than the Duchy of Lancaster. Richard II was forced to abdicate and Henry was crowned Henry IV. Henry’s expedition was supported by the Duke of Orleans and threated the Truce of Leulinghem that Philip the Bold worked so hard on.

In 1396 Philip the Bold was the most powerful man in France, but his nephew Louis Duke of Orleans was coming for his position. The turn of the 15th century saw a number of political upheavals in Europe and Louis hoped that the new political landscape would favor him over his uncle. While over the past few years Philip’s dominance was unchallenged, the Duke of Orleans was maturing and his ambitions were growing to match.

Time Period Covered: 1396 – 1401

Notable People: Philip the Bold, Louis Duke of Orleans, King Charles VI, Queen Isabeau of Bavaria, John Duke of Berry, Joan Duchess of Brabant, William I of Guelders and Julich, John of Bavaria, Waleran of Luxembourg Count of Saint-Pol, King Richard II of England, King Henry IV of England, Wenceslas of Luxembourg, Rupert of the Palatinate

Notable Events/Developments:  French Expansion into Genoa, Guelders-Brabant War (1397-1399), French Withdrawal from Avignon, Overthrow of Richard II, Deposition of Wenceslas of Luxembourg


Philip the Bold by Richard Vaughan

The Hundred Years War: Divided Houses by Jonathan Sumption

The Hundred Years War: Cursed Kings by Jonathan Sumption

Magnanimous Dukes and Rising States by Robert Stein

Warfare in Medieval Brabant 1356-1406 by Sergio Boffa

The Life and Afterlife of Isabeau of Bavaria by Tracy Adams

The Promised Lands by Wim Blockmans and Walter Prevenier

The Golden Age of Burgundy by Joseph Calmette

The Valois: Kings of France 1328-1589 by Robert Knecht

Wise and Foolish Kings by Anne Denieul-Cormier


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