Episode 21: The Next Generation

The three Burgundian Brothers John the Fearless (far left), Anthony Duke of Brabant (left), Philip Count of Nevers (right), and their brother in-law Count William of Hainaut-Holland-Zeeland (far right) all came to power in the early 1400s. Their alliance was the product of the 1388 Double Wedding at Cambrai and would cement Burgundian dominance in the Low Countries.

Philip the Bold is dead and now a new generation steps into the spotlight. His sons have taken over the vast Burgundian complex of territories while Louis of Orleans works to expunge the vestiges of Burgundian influence from Paris. Today we’ll focus on how John and his brothers consolidated power in the Low Countries and Burgundy.

Time Period Covered: 1404 – 1408

Notable People: John the Fearless, Anthony of Burgundy Duke of Brabant, Philip of Burgundy Count of Nevers, William of Bavaria Count of Hainaut-Holland-Zeeland, Margaret of Flanders, Margaret of Bavaria, Louis de Chalon Count of Tonnerre

Notable Events/Developments:  Death of Philip the Bold, Resumption of the Hundred Years War, Anglo-Flemish Neutrality


John the Fearless by Richard Vaughan

Philip the Bold by Richard Vaughan

The Hundred Years War: Cursed Kings by Jonathan Sumption

Royal Intrigue Crisis at the Court of Charles VI 1392-1420 by R.C. Famiglietti

The Life and Afterlife of Isabeau of Bavaria by Tracy Adams

Medieval Flanders by David Nicholas

The Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet

Magnanimous Dukes and Rising States by Robert Stein

Archery and Crossbow Guilds in Medieval Flanders by Laura Crombie

The Promised Lands by Wim Blockmans and Walter Prevenier

The Golden Age of Burgundy by Joseph Calmette


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